Keep Moving

Sitting all day, can lead to back problems and various other aches and pain. By moving around for only 2 minutes every hour, you can prevent injuries, feel better and also bring some play into your work.
There are many ways to move around during your work day. You could go for a walk around the office, see how many flights of stairs you can climb or get some fresh air outside. Your body will thank you for getting away from your desk and keeping your legs moving.
Here are some ideas on how to keep moving without it impacting on your work load.


Take at least 5 minutes everyday to stand up and stretch.

Don’t take calls at your desk unless you have to.

Stand when you answer the telephone and if you take a call on your cell, move around while you talk.

If it is possible, invest in a good speakerphone or a Bluetooth device and move around while talking. Those five minutes on the phone are several hundred steps and extra calories burned.

Face to face.

Instead of emailing colleagues about simple things, walk over to their desk and chat about it. This has the added benefits of improving your relationships with your colleagues and keeping your inbox manageable and resolving minor issues quickly.

Use the stairs.

If you usually take the lift to your floor, try taking the stairs instead. Depending on what floor you work on, you can take the stairs all or part of the way.
Putting one foot in front of the other and above the other gets you moving, and you will feel the changes in your legs almost immediately.

Get lunch

Lunch can be delivered, but it’s better if you go get it. Take those extra moments and walk outside for your meal. You’ll build up an appetite, too, and you’ll boost your body’s burning of those calories by kickstarting your metabolism.