Mess Equals Stress

1. Focus and productivity

Starting the new year with a tidy work space, is a great start to reaching goals that you have set for yourself. Working around clutter can have a very negative impact on your productivity. A clutter free desk makes it easier to focus on your daily goals and long term goals. This applies to your computer to, your desktop, unread emails and old files.

2. Time management

Constantly looking for needed items can take up a lot of time and leave you feeling demotivated. A neat, organized atmosphere will save time and keep you focused.

3. Better use of space

"Out of sight, out of mind" is largely true. Visual cues can help you remember and prioritize important tasks. Organizing your workspace will spare you frustration.

4. Reduce Stress

When you are surrounded by clutter, your mind can wander and start stressing about the mess around you. A tidy desk will help you keep focused and ease the stress.


5. Feel good about yourself

Your dress, demeanour, and workspace are a representation of you. Minimal clutter conveys professionalism. It will also boost your confidence.


Organising your desk

  • Examine how your workspace is used.
  • Group similar objects together.
  • Group and separate items associated with each job duty.
  • Throw unnecessary items in the trash.
  • Clean It Before You Leave It.