We all know that the economy is on its head and companies are shedding jobs hand over fist – so how do we overcome our own misery in the face of all of this?

Let’s do an analysis on why we hate what we are doing, if we hate what we are doing, by looking for the value in it, rather than just being “grateful” (as we are told to be) that we have a job.

Ask yourself the following:

  1. Why do I work and what is the benefit/reward?
  2. Why do I do what I do and am I able to do something else to earn what I earn?
  3. What kind of fulfilment do I get from going to work and spending 8+ hours there?
  4. Life is so short, is it worth my while to spend these hours in this environment?
  5. How do I change how I feel about my job?

How to find value in the answers to the above 5 questions:

  1. If the benefit or reward of the work you do is to earn a salary, feed your family or pay for the luxuries you have – that is the value (paradigm shift)
  2. If you feel that you are just a number – remember that there is no “just” in any job or duty as everything has an outcome. Even a street sweeper has value because if that person didn’t do it – who would? So never see yourself as a number, even if it appears that the corporation you work for sees you that way. Remember that your skill is valuable or you wouldn’t be in that role. Everybody has something of value to add to a business operations – including you!!
  3. At the end of the month there is a salary cheque, albeit not nearly as much as you yourself may feel you are worth or sufficient to cover all your expenses.  It is money you would not have had if you hadn’t been there.  The value is that you have a job to go to where so many others don’t have one.  That may not be enough to help you feel better, but the other values you might want to think about is that you are able to work. Be grateful for the fact that you can walk, talk, communicate, read and write and get up in the morning to go to work.
  4. Only you can answer this question and it relates back to the previous 3 questions and answers. If you don’t enjoy the environment you are in – ask yourself what you are doing to make it better. Is your “space” a place where others want to be, or are you so miserable about your situation that people would rather slit their wrists than be in your company. If somebody around you is “making” you miserable – remember that “nobody can make you feel anything without your permission” in the words of Eleanor Rooseveldt
  5. By applying some of the abovementioned principals you could start feeling better about your job immediately. You see, everything starts in your head. When you change your attitude about your job you will find it more pleasant to do. When you look at the difference it makes to somebody else – then you start seeing the value in it.  Let’s say you are a street sweeper – when you look with pride back on the clean street – that is when you start seeing the value in what you do. With a sense of pride in what you do – you start experiencing value.

So, keep looking for value through analysis and feel the difference. Until next time ……………………