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How much do you charge?

No fees are charged to career / job seekers!

What method of advertising is used by your company?

The Career Junction web site, Jobmail, The Citizen, The Star Workplace.

If you get me employment a job, who pays?

No, we charge the company, you get the job from

Will you help write my C.V. ?

With pleasure at the same time making sure, you have the right skills for the job, therefore not wasting your time on interviews where you are not suitable

What do I have to pay for back ground testing?

No, we charge the company, you get the job from. If your company requests special testing there are various cost involve. Please contact us as and we will gladly give you a breakdown of what the costs will be.

What are your charges?

The fee is based on a percentage of the commensurate annual salary package and arises once the candidate introduced, commences employment with the Client or any other party to whom the Client may introduce the candidate, within twelve months of referral in either a temporary or permanent capacity